Research Project Collaborations

Our goal is to create a working environment rich in opportunities for product impact. To do so, our activities are highly driven by basic research and fundamental applied research.

Participation in Research Projects

Cognitive UX is strongly interested in participating in proposals of various funding programmes such as the H2020 Work Programme, the Active and Assisted Living Programme, Eurostars, etc.

Areas we can contribute

  • User-centered and intelligent authentication systems
  • Cognitive-centered adaptive interactive systems
  • Eye tracking-based applications and evaluation of user interactive systems
  • User experience and usability evaluations of user interactive systems
  • Agile software development
  • System integration and testing
  • Dissemination activities - check out our research publications

Strong Expertise in Research Projects

Cognitive UX Ltd. is a company active in information technology and innovative software products' development, with an emphasis on research activities. Our team consists of experienced researchers, designers, senior engineers and product development experts which aim to deliver competitive and ready to the market, cutting edge technology solutions. Keeping an eye constantly on recent advances in pioneer research, we sustain a strong network with the academia, and research and development institutes by participating in European research proposals and research synergies..

European-funded Research Projects

Our team members have participated in the following research projects in the past

[H2020] Serums - Securing Medical Data in Smart Patient-Centric Healthcare Systems (826278)
Serums aims to build a personalized patient-centric healthcare system, enhancing the personal care of patients, and maximizing the quality of treatment they can receive, while ensuring trust in the security and privacy of their medical data.

[AAL] SUCCESS - SUccessful Caregiver Communication and Everyday Situation Support in dementia care (AAL-2016-089)
SUCCESS aims to build an innovative mobile training application to support and accompany formal and informal caregivers to appropriately and effectively interact with people with dementia.

[H2020] GrowMeUp (H2020-PHC-2014)
GrowMeUp aims to build an affordable service robotic system that supports older adults during their daily life at home in staying active, independent and socially involved.

[ALL] CogniWin - Cognitive Support for Older Adults at Work (AAL-2013-6-114)
CogniWin is an innovative system supporting and motivating older adults that work on computerized activities to remain active and productive by providing personalized learning assistance and well-being guidance.

[FP7] Miraculous - Miraculous-Life for Elderly Independent Living (FP7-ICT-2013-10)
Miraculous-Life aims to build a virtual support partner that, by analogy to a real human partner, considers emotional understanding and responding to attend to the needs of older adults during their normal daily life activities.

[FP7] SocialRobot - Social Robot to Support Elderly at Home (FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IAPP-285870)
An elderly care mobile robot platform that supports and stimulates people with light physical and/or cognitive disabilities by integrating state-of-the-art, standardized and interoperable robotic technologies and ICT-based care and wellness services.

[Cyprus IRF] PersonaWeb - Personalizing Generic Web Environments (ΤΠΕ/ΠΛΗΡΟ/0311(ΒΙΕ)/10)
PersonaWeb aims to build and evaluate an adaptive interactive system for the dynamic adaptation and personalization of generic Web content based on human factors.