Cognitive Biometrics

Cognitive Identity allows digital service providers to integrate, deploy and manage continuous user identification solutions based on intelligent biometrics by reducing the complexity of development.

Voice Identification

Authenticate and/or continuously identify end-users based on real-time voice biometric analysis. Integrate high-performance biometric voice identification technology for usable and secure multi-factor authentication and continuous user identification.

Main features:

  • State-of-the-art algorithm performance
  • Language-independent
  • Easy system integration
Voice Biometrics for Continuous User Identification
Admin Dashboard

Fast and easy integration

Develop and test User Authentication systems with minimum effort.

Development & Testing Teams

  • Documentation of APIs
  • Interactive dashboard for executing APIs
  • Controlled access to APIs

System Administrators

  • Adaptive and flexible access policies
  • Interactive dashboard for users' management
  • Data analytics and intelligent insights