AI-driven and User-centered
Security and Privacy

Cognitive UX is a research-driven company aiming to revolutionize the development and integration of human-centered cybersecurity systems.
For organizations that need to protect sensitive data and at the same time provide a positive security experience to their end-users, Cognitive UX's integrated solutions offer user-centered, agile and AI-driven Cybersecurity for all users, devices and applications.
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Cognitive Identity

Cognitive Identity allows digital service providers to integrate, deploy and manage multi-factor authentication (MFA) and continuous user identification solutions by reducing the complexity of development.

Cognitive UX can help you:

  • Reduce risk through high security standards
  • Triangulate identity techniques to reach high standards in critical domains
  • Convenience - make identity-related operations simple for businesses
  • Reduce customer support and expenses
  • Improve trust and credibility of the customers' end-users
Cognitive Authentication
Eye Tracking

Research-driven products

We publish research papers each year and present our work in a wide range of venues aiming to advance the state-of-the-art in HCI, Usable Security, Intelligent User Interfaces and Personalization research.

Selected Publications

  • An eye gaze-driven metric for estimating the strength of graphical passwords based on image hotspots [paper]
  • CogniKit: An extensible tool for human cognitive modeling based on eye gaze analysis [demo]
  • On cultural-centered graphical passwords: Leveraging on users’ cultural experiences for improving password memorability [paper]
  • On the accuracy of eye gaze-driven classifiers for predicting image content familiarity in graphical passwords [paper]
  • Influences of human cognition and visual behavior on password security during picture password composition [paper]